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Teaching Practice news
By Adrienne van As
Education  |  Wed - 10 April 2019 16:54  |  Article Hits:1238  |  A+ | a-

In the photo from left to right: TOGI students, Ashleigh, Rumanah and Gasant, hard at work 


Teaching Practice news

Once the schools are up and running after the March holidays, students from the Two Oceans Graduate Institute are also up and running, but this time they are running to schools all over the country. 

Teaching Practice forms a vital part of the curriculum of the B.Ed (Intermediate Phase) programme and the teaching and learning approach at the Two Oceans Graduate Institute. The purpose of Teaching Practice is to enable students to learn from observation, practice and experience. They will be able to apply learned skills in the classrooms of a variety of schools, including those of the Two Oceans Foundation, private and public schools. 

These are some of the student's experiences so far: 
The first teaching practice naturally comes with anxiety and nerves mostly because of the unknown. Not knowing what to expect usually does this to humans. My experience thus far has brought many highs and some serious lows personally as well. The stress factor as well as the deadline driven scenarios involving admin work can really take its toll on teachers (this is what I observed). All and all one of the biggest tips received from the Deputy Principle where I am doing my teaching practice is that a valuable piece of artillery a teacher must have in their weaponry is the ability to adapt. I am grateful for this because I have seen how things change instantly in the schooling environment. Things instantly change then it returns to the former and then changes back again the the previous state. This is the exciting life of a teacher I guess. Not for the faint hearted though...
- Moegamat Tauriq, Cluster 2 (Year 1)
At the beginning of teaching practice I had major anxiety. I couldn't sleep and the morning of my first day everything went exactly the opposite to how I planned it in my head. But I wouldn't change these two weeks for anything. The children will challenge you all the time, there are days you will come home drained but you build relationships with each one of them. I had this girl run up to me the Monday of my second week saying "I'm so glad you back miss". I realised how much I want this but also learning what comes with the job scares me, in a sense children who are disrespectful and the process you should go through when children refuse to work and parents just don't care. Teaching practice is not only there for you to gain experience, but for you to realise why you started studying in the first place. During assignments and classes you lose sight of what you are working towards because we get so consumed in our studies, teaching practice is there to remind you the true meaning of teaching, the children.
- Ashleigh, Cluster 2 (Year 1)
My experience thus far has been really fascinating. The teachers aren't treating me like just a student, they are treating me like an actual teacher and showing me the ropes with regards to admin, they're giving me lots of tips that are definitely benefiting me when I do my lessons. I am really enjoying my teaching practical even though I feel like it's taking all my energy :)
- Fierdous, Cluster 3 (Year 2)
My experience on my teaching practice has been awe-inspiring. I have the opportunity to work on my vital skills and had an awesome cooperating teacher who set me free to new things.
- Rumanah, Cluster 4 (Year 2)
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