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TOGI students visit the Norval Foundation
By Georina Westraadt
Education  |  Tue - 29 October 2019 11:09  |  Article Hits:265  |  A+ | a-
TOGI students and lecturer, Dr G Westraadt, at the Norval Foundation
TOGI students and lecturer, Dr G Westraadt, at the Norval Foundation
A group of students registered for 2019_2_CART165 nd 2019_2_TELS164  were privileged to visit the exhibition at the Noval Foundation on Saturday, 26 October, titled:

Why should I hesitate: Sculptures by William Kentridge.

 Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture, presents three-dimensional work of William Kentridge from the past 19 years. This is the first exhibition internationally to address Kentridge’s output as a sculptor. Covering several bodies of work, and testifying to his longstanding and spontaneous improvisation when handling three-dimensional form, Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture sees the origins of these works in props from his operas and images from his animations stepping off the stage and out of the screen, confronting us directly at ground level. Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture also premieres new works commissioned for the occasion of this special exhibition.
The show is the largest Kentridge exhibition held in Africa in over a decade. The exhibition at Norval Foundation is accompanied by a concurrent exhibition at the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), entitled Why Should I Hesitate? Putting Drawings to Work, which takes Kentridge’s drawing practice as its focal point.

The Education officer at the gallery informed the students about the Education Outreach programme at the gallery, which aims at access and visual literacy programmes offered at the gallery for all learners in the Cape.
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