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NST students at the Science centre
By Georina Westraadt
Education  |  Fri - 4 October 2019 7:55  |  Article Hits:676  |  A+ | a-
NST students at the Cape Town Science Centre
NST students at the Cape Town Science Centre
On Saturday 28 September 2019,  Natural Science and Technology students from the Two Oceans Graduate Institute, visited the Cape Town Science Centre for a study excursion.
Students experienced a very informative, educational, beneficial and fun-filled experience.  They worked on a short guided tour that they thoroughly enjoyed. The tour was two hours long after which they had free floor time to spent exploring.
There was a short briefing when everyone arrived. Then started the journey at the Camera Obscura, one of four in the country, displaying a pin-hole image and where students learned about the science on how cameras work. They then moved to the amphitheater for  a learner-friendly science show. Exciting, interactive and fun filled experiments were done, which showed students how as NST educators and lab work can be fun-filled and educational at the same time.
At the gyroscope students could experience the weightlessness of space travel with a spin. Two young ladies were brave enough to take the plunge. By spinning around in the gyroscope, they felt like astronauts practicing to maintain orientation when the spacecraft is turning and spinning. It provided lots of fun for the two of them as well as the rest watching.

The students then explored the floor projects and were engaged in activities. They chose different activities to do. Later they reported back over cappuccinos and muffins. Beneficial discussions on the different activities as well as the pedagogical approaches that could be used when teaching NST, followed.
The Cape Town Science Centre really proved to be the educational tour destination as claimed. Everybody enjoyed a morning well spent, learning with resourceful technological innovations and equipment displaying scientific discoveries for learning. Hopefully, this  excursion can happen at least twice a semester, built into the curriculum, which would definitely benefit  NST students.

We also hope to find innovative ways in engaging the NST students who cannot attend, in these activities as well.
Shahida Anthony
NST lecturer (TOGI)
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